watermelon face mask

I may not be the girliest girl.  I mean, the usual amount of makeup I wear is mineral mascara that I either purchase or make.  But even though I might not get fully makeup-ed except when I go out, I could live at the spa!  Every day.  Forever.  Ahhh!  I love the spa!

There’s only one problem: spas cost time and money.  And I will fork over both of those when I really need it, but most of the time I am busy being a mom, writing here, and going back to school.  Spa time gets pushed waaaay down to the bottom of my priority list.  Or does it?

Why not make your own!?

One of the simplest spa treatments to whip up at home is an all-natural face mask, like in this hydrating watermelon-yogurt facial.  It’s cleaner than anything from a bottle, it’s made with real food good enough to eat (so it’s good enough for your skin!), and it’s quick.  Plus, you feel so good afterwards, it’s worth 20 minutes of “me time” in the comfort of your own home.

Watermelon and Yogurt: Why?

Watermelon has naturally occurring hydrating properties that will restore moisture to your skin if it is dry or tired.  Watermelon is like nature’s sports drink, with plenty of electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins readily available to your body to absorb.  Watermelon is mostly water, and is a good source of the anti-oxidant flavanoids lycopene, beta-carotene, and lutein, vitamins B6 and A, electrolytes like potassium, and minerals like magnesium.

Yogurt is alive, teeming with probiotic goodness that can not only help your insides, but you skin too.  Lactic acid and enzymes present in the yogurt can aid your skin’s exfoliation process, as well as purifying the new skin that has been uncovered.

Are there more homemade options?

One excellent resource is this DIY Organic Beauty ebook, which I absolutely love.  She writes about all kinds of homemade shampoos, conditioners, bronzers, lotions, sunscreens, and more.  You name it, she has done the work for you!

Typical Spa Woes:

As I said above, if there is one thing in the world I could spend money on over and over and never get tired of it, it would be spa treatments.  I love massages, facials, masks, scrubs, hot stones, and waxes.  I feel relaxed, clean, and glowing after any one of those treatments.

For most of us, the spa is just a getaway that we splurge on once in a while.  And even when we do get there, if we care about the ingredients of the lotions, tonics, wraps, and masks, we may need to choose our products very carefully beforehand, like in the Skin Deep database.  If you do choose a spa skin care line, be sure that there are no lurking toxic additives to your favorite-smelling lotions, oils, and cleansers!

Some green-minded spas I have found use very high-quality ingredients that are completely non-toxic and sometimes even “good enough to eat”.  But those spas and organic skin care lines can be difficult to find in your area, let alone pay for.

Look carefully if you seek out a spa day near you, to make sure you are comfortable with the quality of the treatments and the products.  Otherwise, let’s get to the homemade facial!

Equipment Needed:

  • small glass bowl
  • spoon


Watermelon Face Mask

For softer skin:
2 tablespoons yogurt (find yogurt starters here, how to make yogurt here)
1 teaspoon watermelon juice

For aging skin:
2 tablespoons mashed avocado*
1 teaspoon watermelon juice

*the avocado helps plump up your skin, as well as protecting it and providing deep moisture for thinner, more delicate skin

  1. To make the watermelon juice, simply press a spoon into the watermelon flesh until the juice is released.
  2. For softer skin: Mix the yogurt and watermelon juice together until fully blended and pink.  Apply to your face and neck and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing.
  3. For aging skin: Mix the mashed avocado and watermelon juice together until fully blended and smooth.  Apply to your face and neck and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing.