Banish Pain in 10 Minutes with Deep Relief Essential Oil Blend Roll-On | OUR NOURISHING ROOTSHave you ever gotten stressed out or sick or tense and you got a monster headache so bad that it radiated to your neck and shoulders?  And you couldn’t even sit up?  It is the worst.  As in, bad enough to make you cry.

Honestly, if my headache is bad enough, I resort to over-the-counter medication.  And I feel just fine about that, but I always wish that I had something more “natural” to use that would work just as well.  The key being that it works just as well.

Well, I finally found it!  And I think I am in shock.  I have been geeking out about it ever since it worked so crazily well!

So what is it?  It’s…

…called Deep Relief, and I’m sold.  Waaay sold.  Like, bother-you-a-lot-about-it sold.  Sold!

Essentially (heh), Deep Relief is an essential oil blend of wintergreen, peppermint, lemon, balsam fir, copaiba, vetiver, clove, palo santo.  It comes in a roll-on from Young Living.  Yes, it’s specially made for muscle soreness and tension, but my skeptical mind saw it for the first time and thought: “I’ll believe it when it works.”

Well, I’m here to eat my words, because it does.

So, what happened anyways?

My most recent headache was a doozy, and was likely due to a virus that was making it’s way through my family and community of friends.  I was in so much pain that I couldn’t get out of bed, laying flat, for hours.  Until I remembered that I had my shiny new Deep Relief roll-on in my essential oils box!

As I winced when I sat up, stood up, and bent over to get the Deep Relief roll-on, I remember thinking that it had better work.  I rolled all over the back of my neck, the tops of my shoulders, and a little bit on each temple.  I even rubbed more into my scalp after applying it to my hands.

I laid back down and within one minute I was able to feel a tingling sensation and a heat spreading through my muscles…and everything released.  Within about 10 minutes I was feeling so much more relaxed, I was finally able to function for the rest of the day.  I had to apply the Deep Relief two more times that day, and each time my headache receded more and more until it was gone.  Amazing!

Natural Remedies are best:

In the past, for tension and headaches, I generally go to these these tricks before I resort to medicine: stretching, sleeping, massage, etc.  If I cannot get it under control within an hour or so, I use aspirin or acetaminophen.  But I try not to resort to medicine when I can help it.

But, if I am being totally honest, I have never been able to find a natural remedy that works as well as medication…until now.  I was a skeptic, and now I have undeniable proof that this natural remedy can blow pain meds out of the water!

Click here to get Deep Relief and the other essential oils in the Premium Starter Kit (which I highly recommend; I have been using all of the oils in the kit with gusto!)

Even if you are simply suffering from a tension headache, there is genuine relief to be found in something very very simple: an essential oil blend designed for muscle and tension relief.  I’m so glad I won’t need my aspirin bottle anymore!

When I get sick there are many natural remedies that I utilize, but one of the most reliable is essential oils.  Essential oils have a measurable effect on the body, so I am confident in their ability to aid in symptomatic relief when I catch a cold, flu, or virus.  Or just when my neck is really tight!