Buy Fresh Buy Local

ABOUT BUY FRESH BUY LOCAL ®  FoodRoutes Network is based in Pennsylvania and provides communications tools, organizing support, and marketing resources to our grassroots chapters throughout the US that are working to rebuild local food systems and promote sustainable agriculture. Buy Fresh Buy Local  ® Chapters are connecting consumers in communities throughout the country to the freshest, most delicious locally grown and produced foods available. Through outreach events, local food guides, and educational materials, Buy Fresh Buy Local ® makes it easy for consumers to find and connect with local food from farmers they can know and trust.

Regional Chapter and Local Chapters Affiliates work within the community at the state and local levels to involve more consumers in the revitalization of our local food systems. From farmers’ markets, restaurants, grocery stores, co-ops, and community supported farms to large scale institutions, such as colleges and retirement homes, Buy Fresh Buy Local  ® Chapters are bringing back the base for locally grown food in communities across the US.

FoodRoutes Network
FoodRoutes Network has always been dedicated to revitalizing local food systems by involving consumers in the process. Today FoodRoutes work is evolving, and our commitment to people and community deepening. More and more individuals are taking an active roll in protecting the future of our food. Our Buy Fresh Buy Local ® Chapters are expanding and providing for a national network of people who care about where their food comes from and how it is produced.

Making a Difference

  • In Northeast Iowa, the chapters have helped double local food purchases among twenty three institutional buyers, including hospitals, retirement homes, restaurants, grocers, and colleges. Together, these institutions spent approximately $465,000 on locally produced fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and baked goods in 2004 – dollars that otherwise might not have been invested locally.
  • Kansas City’s Chapter has tracked a 36% increase in local food sales for the Good Natured Family Farmers Cooperative selling through a group of locally owned and operated supermarkets in the Kansas City metro area since the chapter’s inception in summer, 2004.
  • In Alabama the BFBL Chapter Affiliate coordinated 204 billboards displaying the Buy Fresh Buy Local logo for 2 months reaching an average daily viewing of 1,043,000 people.
  • Louisiana BFBL held a “Cast-Iron Chef Challenge” which had two teams from Louisiana State University go up against a team of local consumers who enjoy cooking. The challenge was to use a host of local ingredients.
  • Pennsylvania held successful BFBL field trips as part of BFBL Month that invited consumers into the homes of many local family farms to see and learn where their local food comes from.