Now that I am more than 60 days into my concentrated effort to get healthy and lose some weight, I have been asked many times to specify what I eat during a typical day.  People often wonder how I manage to eat 3,000 calories per day.  Yes, I am eating 3,000 calories a day and losing weight.

First of all, I eat between 2,500 and 3,000 calories a day, depending on how hungry I am.  This post shows how much I eat on a particularly hungry day, mostly likely the day after I went weight-lifting!

Now that I am lifting very regularly, I tend to crave protein and meat either late at night on those days, or early the next morning.  I have eaten a lot of sliced roast beef before going to bed on these nights!

All amounts are approximate, and here is what I am eating today (because I lifted yesterday):

3000 calories a day

(Carby) Breakfast: 

Soaked oatmeal (1/2 cup): 150 calories
cooked in whole milk (1 cup): 150 calories
with berries (handful): 50 calories
maple syrup (4 T.): 200 calories
and cream (4 T.): 250 calories
strawberry milk kefir (1 cup): 170 calories

Breakfast Total: 970 calories


(Big) Lunch: 

Turkey, cheddar, mustard, lettuce panini (1 sandwich, 2 oz. cheese): 650
Mashed potatoes and cheese (2 cups): 250 calories
Cookies (two): 200 calories
Milk (1 cup): 150 calories

Lunch total: 1250 calories


(Liquid) Snack: 

Chocolate milk (2 cups, 6 T. chocolate sauce): 400 calories

Snack Total: 400 calories

chocolate milk

(Vegetarian) Dinner: 

Herb salad with celery and carrots (2 cups, 1 stalk celery, 1 carrot): 50 calories
Homemade dressing (4 T.): 150 calories
Blue cheese (2 oz.): 200 calories

Dinner total: 400 calories

Grand Total for the day:  3020 calories

This basic idea for eating comes from Matt Stone, based partly out of his ebook Diet Recovery, as well as the other books found in the Metabolism Bundle here.

However, I would also highly recommend consulting with Matt one on one if at all possible.  He can help personalize what you do, so that it works for your body and helps you feel good as a opposed to just following a template like this one.  If you have a specific issue to address, there are other people on staff with Matt as well who can deal with fertility concerns, anxiety, and stress.